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Providing safety and refuge to human rights defenders
since 2021.

Our Story

The Exile Hub was established to provide resources and support to those who had to flee their homes due to political persecution or conflict, particularly in the context of political repression and authoritarian regimes' human rights violations. The organization aims to assist those who are seeking safety and refuge by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to rebuild their lives.

Fellows Inducted


Emergency Funds


US$ 135,000

Workshops Conducted


Counseling Sessions


84 2023

Exile Hub Fellowship

Exile Hub fellows are human rights defenders, journalists, and critical voices who contribute to civic space by informing the public about critical issues in the country.

The fellows actively contribute to the production of videos, podcasts, and visual stories. Collaboration is a key aspect of their work, involving writing, translating, publishing news, and verifying information in our region. 

The Fellowship provides...

 a monthly stipend

optional live-in residency

multimedia equipment

psychosocial support

... for media professionals and human rights defenders working to promote freedom of expression.

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