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Our Story

Exile Hub was formed in the aftermath of the 2021 coup in Myanmar to support human rights defenders and media professionals facing immediate threats from the junta for their essential work. Since then, we have been a dedicated and reliable support system for media professionals and human rights defenders to safely carry on their professions.

In 2023...

...we continued supporting journalists, academics, artists, human rights defenders, and student activists, tailoring our assistance to their unique needs. 

  • Welcomed 40 media professionals into our Critical Voices Fellowship (CVF)

  • Welcomed 40 new Critical Voices Production Grantees (CVG)

  • Provided 84 Individual Counseling Sessions to 17 Exile Hub Fellows

  • Raised US$135,000 Emergency Funds for 106 Human Right Defenders and Media Professionals in crisis

  • Provided 80 Fellows in exile with safe accommodation

  • Conducted a total of 322 Workshops and Trainings, including:

  • 55 Safety & Security Workshops

  • 153 Professional Development & Vocational Trainings‍

  • 144 Mental Health & Psychosocial Support Workshops

Meet the team behind the Hub!

The Exile Hub team comprises of current and former media professionals, legal and digital security experts, and members of the Myanmar diaspora with the combined capacity to provide comprehensive support for critical voices in and out of the country.

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