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Our Partners

At Exile Hub, we are proud to collaborate with a range of partner organizations, all of which are dedicated to supporting journalism and the expansion of civic space. Together, we work to create lasting change in our communities and beyond.

Media in Cooperation and Transition

Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand

Free Press Unlimited

MiCT – Media in Cooperation and Transition is a German non-profit organisation that implements media development projects in transformation countries. Activities focus on the interplay between conflict, media coverage and reconciliation.

MiCT’s services comprise the training of journalists and media producers, programme and content development, radio and film production, as well as media research and monitoring

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) is Southeast Asia’s oldest Press Club. We have been providing international and local media, expatriates, and Thais a place to gather, socialize, and discuss current affairs for more than 60 years. The Club regularly holds events at the clubhouse that are all open to the public.

The FCCT offers memberships to not only foreign and local journalists, but also associate memberships for individuals that are not affiliated with any media organizations.

Free Press Unlimited works to ensure that reliable news and information remain available to people across the globe; particularly people in countries where there is little to no press freedom.

By supporting local media professionals and journalists, Free Press Unlimited helps to ensure as many people as possible gain access to the information they require to survive and develop.


EngageMedia is a nonprofit that promotes digital rights, open and secure technology, and social issue documentary. Combining video, technology, knowledge, and networks, we support Asia-Pacific and global changemakers advocating for human rights, democracy, and the environment. In collaboration with diverse networks and communities, we defend and advance digital rights.

We envision a world where human rights, democracy, and the environment are respected by Asia-Pacific businesses and governments — where civil society meaningfully participates in meeting social and environmental challenges.

International Women's Media Foundation

The IWMF works to unleash the power of women journalists to transform the global news media. Our fellows and grantees — both freelance and staff journalists — become experts in reporting in underserved regions, generate must-read stories, align with top outlets, and bring critical issues affecting women and others to light.

We are the only organization that provides safety training, byline opportunities, and emergency support tailored to women journalists and photographers around the world.

Heinrich Böll Stiftung

The Heinrich Böll Foundation maintains close ties to the German Green Party (Alliance 90/The Greens) and as a think tank for green visions and projects, we are part of an international network encompassing partner projects in approximately 60 countries.

Its primary task is political education in Germany and abroad to promote the democratic will, the socio-political commitment and international understanding. It is guided by the basic political values of ecology, democracy, solidarity, and nonviolence. 

Deutsche Welle Akademie

DW Akademie is part of Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), and serves as its centre for education, knowledge transfer, media development, and German language courses. In its work, DW Akademie is committed to free and transparent media systems, improving political and legal conditions, strengthening responsible and diverse journalism, and helping people acquire professional media skills. 

Visual Rebellion

Visual Rebellion is a grass roots movement of creators for creators. We believe that photography, film and art have the power to create change for the better.

We are dedicated to helping Burmese creatives by providing a platform for their work in opposition to the military junta. We also provide mentoring from experienced journalists, photographers, filmmakers and artists to help them realise their ideas.

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