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The Untold Narratives of Myanmar's Journalists in Exile

Since the Myanmar military’s 2021 coup, the country’s journalists have found themselves facing a high-risk new reality; reporting the truth is considered a criminal act. Many have fled to neighboring Thailand, but even in exile they continue to face threats, extortion, and emotional turmoil. Just weeks after World Press Freedom Day, Fortify Rights published a comic featuring three of our Exile’s Hub Fellows - Wan, Maw Lay, and Htet Arkar. Until now, the stories of the media in exile are often unheard of. Through this dialogue, these courageous individuals were given the space to share the realities and their hopes for press freedom in Myanmar while navigating a new set of challenges in Thailand. 

Exile Hub recognised the growing need to safeguard their wellbeing, both mental and physical, as they continue to shine a light on the truth from foreign land. In the act of sharing their stories, Exile Hub would like to reach out to the international community, calling for the support and protection that will allow these media in exile to continue their vital work.    

Snaps of the Comics Depicting the Realities faced by Journalists in Exile.

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