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Yan Naing Aung: How Myanmar's unrelenting airstirkes chase families from camp to camp

Updated: Jan 11

We take immense pride in highlighting the remarkable journalistic endeavors of Yan Naing, a member of the Exile Hub Critical Voices Fellowship 2023. Yan Naing’s impactful work was recently on the front page of The Washington Post in an article titled “How Myanmar Military’s unrelenting airstrikes chase refugees from camp to camp,” shedding light on the harsh realities faced by displaced families in a refugee camp in Mae Hong Son, northern Thailand.

In this poignant narrative, Yan Naing skillfully captured the relentless challenges confronted by these families, providing a powerful account of their struggles and the impact of unrelenting airstrikes. Yan Naing’s dedication to journalism, information dissemination, and fostering accountability is commendable. Through his work, he has amplified the voices of those who often go unheard, contributing to a deeper understanding of the complex issues faced by displaced communities. You can access the full article here

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Ko Yan for his unwavering commitment to the principles of journalism and for using his platform to bring attention to critical humanitarian issues. We look forward to witnessing more impactful contributions from Yan Naing and our Fellows in the pursuit of truth and justice. To learn more about Yan Naing’s work, we invite you to visit his Twitter Page.

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