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Celebrating A Tar: Women of the Future Award 2023 Winner for Media and Communications

Updated: Jan 11

A Tar, one of our Critical Voices Grantees and Fellows, won the 2023 Women of the Future Awards in Southeast Asia for Media and Communications.

A Tar’s dedication and fearlessness in advocating for the rights of women, children, and the LGBTQIA+ community, often in the face of personal risk, have garnered well-deserved recognition. The judges were profoundly impressed by her commitment to pushing forward the agenda for those whose voices are often marginalized and overlooked.

A Tar’s impact extends beyond accolades, as she has already released a compelling documentary capturing the stark realities since the war in Myanmar. Looking ahead, she plans to release three more documentaries focusing on women, trans-women, and children. Through her regular broadcasts on the rainbow news platform, A Tar exemplifies the transformative power of using one’s influence to uplift and amplify the stories of marginalized communities.

‍“I would like to express my gratitude for allowing a trans woman to participate in this competition and I urge the international community not to forget the situation in Myanmar. We must speak out when we see injustice.”

A Tar’s win is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to the resilience and determination displayed by individuals working tirelessly to bring about positive change, even in the face of adversity. We commend A Tar for her outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment. For those eager to learn more about the 2023 Women of the Future Awards in Southeast Asia and explore the incredible work of past awardees, please visit here

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